You can link your app to your Google Analytics account:

  • On your dashboard, navigate to App > Analytics.
  • Turn on Google Analytics toggle.
  • Enter the Tracking ID of your Google Analytics account. It should look something like this: "UA-12345678-9"

We use the same Tracking ID for all of your widgets under the app. The events are sent to Google Analytics in real-time, so you can observe them in your Google Analytics dashboard by going to Real-Time > Events.

The events we track are organized like this:

  • category -- consists of widget and app id (eg: "map-95dmhk3g",  "directory-g8hlx89a", etc)
  • action -- event action that happened for that specific widget (eg: "LOADED", "SEARCH_LOCATIONS", etc)
  • label -- any data associated with event in JSON format (eg: "{"url":"","isMobile":true,"isWebGLEnabled":true}", "{"query":"Paris","locationsFound":12}", etc)

Here's a list of all the event actions we track:

  • LOADED  -- the widget has been initialized on the page
  • LOCATION_OPENED  -- location has been opened (either a user clicked on it, or it was automatically opened on map startup depending on your dashboard settings)
  • BROWSER_GEOLOCATION  -- user's location was established using browser geolocation
  • MAP_MAXIMIZED  -- map has been maximized full page
  • MAP_MINIMIZED  -- map has been resized to its original size
  • SEARCH_LOCATIONS  -- a search query has been submitted (label will include the query submitted)
  • BUTTON_CLICK  -- user has clicked on a location button
  • CONTACT_CLICK  -- user has clicked a location contact info link

You can also exclude your office IP addresses from showing up in your analytics by entering them in App > Analytics > Internal Traffic. To find your IP address, you can visit Please note that at the moment we only support IPv4.

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