Setting a default starting point

You can configure the Map widget to focus on a certain location or area when a user loads the map. Set your Starting Point by logging into your ZenLocator Dashboard, go to Maps and then look for the Starting Point section.

By default, ZenLocator sets the map's starting to Wherever the user is, which will focus the map based on the user's browser's geolocation. There are 7 starting point options available.

Starting Point Options

Wherever the user is. Focuses the map based on the user's browser geolocation. If the user did not allow ZenLocator to have access to their geolocation data, then geolocation will fallback to using the user's IP address.

Focus on a certain place. Focuses the map based on a certain city, region, or country. You can search for a place based on zip/postal code, city name, region name, or country.
Focus on the closest location. Focuses the map based on the closest location to the user's browser geolocation. This differs from the Wherever the user is option in that ZenLocator first figures out where the user is and then focuses the map on the nearest store/location to the user, rather than the user's own physical location.
Focus on specific coordinates. Focuses the map based on specific latitude/longitude coordinates.
Wrap around all the markers. Zooms out the map in order to show all locations. This is useful if you have an app setup only for a specific region and want the map to show all locations in the region on load.
Open a specific location. Directly opens a specific location in your ZenLocator database when the map loads. You can search for a location by name or address when configuring this setting.
Show the whole world. Zooms out the map to show the entire world and all locations that are available.