Why are my locations not showing up?

If you navigate to Locations > Hidden tab on your ZenLocator dashboard, you might notice some locations that are not showing up on your map/directory widgets. They will have either a red dot or a gray dot next to them.

Red dot means that that location could not be properly geocoded (it's missing latitude and longitude). Gray dot means it's been hidden and not visible to your users (in this case navigate to the location details page and under the Address tab and enable the Visible setting).

There are a few reasons why locations cannot be properly geocoded:

  • We do not have the geographical coordinates in our database
  • The location's address did not match any record in our database
  • We do not have the data for a particular country/area

Please check that the address does not have abbreviations and does actually exist (eg: instead of "23 Cherry S, SF, CA", use "23 Cherry Street, San Francisco, California"). It does not matter if you can find an address on Google Maps -- we do not actually use Google Maps for geocoding.

To make a location show up, all that's required is to enter its coordinates under Address > Coordinates field. Once the latitude and longitude are filled out, that location will immediately show up on your map/directory widgets.

What if you have many ungeocoded locations?

There are a few things to try:

  • If you navigate into the location details view and click the Address field, sometimes it will give you a suggestion. If you think the suggestion is accurate, click it and it will automatically fill out the coordinates below for you.
  • If there's too many locations to manually go through, you could use a 3rd party service to first geocode locations there and then import into ZenLocator with mapped latitude and longitude columns. That way ZenLocator will show all of your locations with the coordinates you specify.

If you still have questions, please reach out to our support so we can take a look at your account. We understand that dealing with data is not easy and will try to make the experience go smoother.