Installing ZenLocator on your Squarespace site

It only takes a few clicks to install a ZenLocator widget on your Squarespace website so that your visitors can start finding you!

If you're new to ZenLocator, you’ll need to set up an account first:

  1. First, enter your email address on ZenLocator homepage and create your account.
  2. By default, we have created your first app (which includes several widgets like Search, Map, etc).

On your ZenLocator dashboard:

  1. Pick the right app, and navigate to the widget you'd like to install on your site, for example Map > Setup, or Links > Setup.
  2. Under Embed Code, select "I want to show multiple widgets on multiple pages" if it hasn't already been selected.
  3. You will see a few steps below the dropdown. (This is only for Map and Directory widgets: If you would like to limit your widget to display only certain filters, or certain locations, click "limit locations" under "STEP 1" and select the appropriate checkboxes.)

Now, on your Squarespace dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection.
  2. Under the Footer section, copy and paste the code from "STEP 2". It should look something like this: <script src="" async></script>
  3. Now, on your website (within the Squarespace dashboard), navigate to the page and section where your widget (Search, Map, etc) should be shown.
  4. Click Edit to edit the section, and then "+" (plus sign) to add a new block.
  5. Select Embed block.
  6. Click the "</>" symbol to enter the embed code manually. Here's more on using the embed block.
  7. Copy and paste the code from "STEP 3". It should look something like this: <div id="zenlocator-map-abc"></div>
  8. At this point you should be done. Navigate to your website (outside of Squarespace dashboard) and check that you can see the widget.

If you run into any issues setting up your widget, please contact us and we will gladly take a look at it with you!