Supporting internationalization, i18n

You can replace any text on any of your widgets. Simply navigate to Languages on your dashboard, and select the language you'd like to edit. You'll see a list of phrases that are used throughout the app.

How to add a language to ZenLocator

Click the "new" button and select the language you'd like to add. Please note that you might have to review the phrases to make sure they're accurate, as they could be computer-generated.

When a visitor browses your widgets, the language is determined based on your apps settings:

  • Navigate to App > Settings > Language Detection on your dashboard.
  • Select the appropriate setting for your widgets:

Visitor's location will pick the language of the country the user is browsing from. Browser preference will pick the language that the browser prefers.

Most of the time these will be the same, but you have the freedom to choose. If you do not have the appropriate language for the visitor, a default language will be used instead.

To set a default language:

  • Navigate to Languages > (select a language) > Default and turn that setting on.