Setting up online retailers

Some of your retailers might be online-only, meaning they do not have physical locations. You can show a logo carousel of those retailers above your Map and Directory widgets, so your visitors know they have the option of buying online.

How to setup online retailers:

  • Navigate to Retailers on your dashboard.
  • Click "new" to create a new retailer.
  • Set the full URL and Logo for each retailer. Please make sure you have the right to upload your retailer's logos/content. The best logo is a PNG file with a transparent background. We recommend at least 100x100 pixels for the image. Image logos are optional (if the image is missing, we'll simply show the name with the link).

Now that your retailers are defined, you can embed the Links widget on your website. To get the embed code:

  • Navigate to Links > Setup > Embed code.
  • Follow instructions to embed the widget on your website.

Note: you can also preview what your online retailers carousel looks like by going to Links > Preview.