Setting up your product locator

You can give your visitors the ability to select products they'd like to find in your stores. The Locator widget lets you do just that. First, you need to set up the products you have:

How to set up a product locator

  • Navigate to Products on your dashboard.
  • Create your products and upload your product images. For images, we recommend a PNG file with a transparent background. The bigger the image, the better (we recommend at least 150x150 pixels).

Note that you can also import your locations with a comma-separated list of product names. If the product name does not exist, it will be automatically created (all you'd have to do later is upload an image).

Now that you have your list of products:

  • Navigate to Locator > Setup > Embed code.
  • Follow instructions to embed the locator on your website.

The Locator widget only lets your visitors select the products (and zipcode with radius) to search for, but it does not actually do the search. You can either show Map or Directory widgets on the same page, or show them on a different page.

If you are showing Map or Directory widgets on the same page, you don't have to do anything -- the Locator will work together with those widgets. However, if you'd like to redirect the Locator to another page:

  • Navigate to Search > Settings > Submit URL.
  • Enter the URL of your own website where you're showing Map or Directory widgets (eg: "").

Now when your visitors click the search button on the Locator widget, they will be redirected to your "submit url" link with the search parameters they've specified.