Removing duplicate locations

ZenLocator dashboard gives you the ability to find duplicate locations.

How to find locations that could be duplicates

  1. Navigate to App > Settings > Duplicates Proximity. That setting tells us how close locations have to be next to each other in order to consider them as the same location. Adjust it to fit your own data.
  2. Now navigate to Locations > Duplicates. You will see a list of potentially duplicate locations organized into groups.

Please note that we are not able to automatically remove your duplicate locations, as it's very hard to determine what legitimate addresses are simply located close together, and what addresses represent the same location.

If you see a duplicate location that you would like to delete, check the checkbox on that particular location, and click the "delete" button. Alternatively, you can hide the location by clicking on the location itself and setting Location > Address > Visible to off.

Note: if it looks like locations are grouped together but their addresses are completely different, check the coordinates of each. Odds are one of the locations has not been geocoded accurately and needs manual correction.