Connecting Google Analytics

How to link your app to your Google Analytics account

  • On your dashboard, navigate to App > Analytics.
  • Turn on Google Analytics toggle.
  • Enter the Tracking ID of your Google Analytics account. It should look something like this: "UA-12345678-9"

We use the same Tracking ID for all of your widgets under the app. The events are sent to Google Analytics in real-time, so you can observe them in your Google Analytics dashboard by going to Real-Time > Events.

The events we track are organized like this:

  • category -- consists of widget and app id (eg: "map-95dmhk3g", "directory-g8hlx89a", etc)
  • action -- event action that happened for that specific widget (eg: "LOADED", "SEARCH_LOCATIONS", etc)
  • label -- any data associated with event in JSON format (eg: "{"url":"","isMobile":true,"isWebGLEnabled":true}", "{"query":"Paris","locationsFound":12}", etc)

Please note that in some events, label might contain sensitive address query or geographical coordinates. In this case we might "zoom out" address query to either city or region level and/or round coordinates. We'll also attach the {"isPlaceApproximate":true} property if place/query has been adjusted.

Here's a list of all the event actions we track:

  • LOADED -- the widget has been initialized on the page
  • LOCATION_OPENED -- location has been opened (either a user clicked on it, or it was automatically opened on map startup depending on your dashboard settings)
  • BROWSER_GEOLOCATION -- user's location was established using browser geolocation
  • MAP_MAXIMIZED -- map has been maximized full page
  • MAP_MINIMIZED -- map has been resized to its original size
  • SEARCH_LOCATIONS -- a search query has been submitted (label will include the query submitted)
  • BUTTON_CLICK -- user has clicked on a location button
  • CONTACT_CLICK -- user has clicked a location contact info link

You can also exclude your office IP addresses from showing up in your analytics by entering them in App > Analytics > Internal Traffic. To find your IP address, you can visit Please note that at the moment we only support IPv4.