Changing the contact information for a location

Your locations can include whatever contact information you'd like to show.

How to add your contact information

  • Navigate to App > Properties > Contacts.
  • You can add or re-order prefixes for your contact information. For example you can set "Email", "Phone 1", "Phone 2", "Website", "Facebook", etc...
  • Click save changes to save results.

How to add a location contact information

Now, to actually set that contact information data for each location, navigate to:

  • Locations > (select a location) > Properties.
  • On that page, you will see a list of prefixes that you have defined in your App properties, with an input box next to each one.
  • You can set the data (text, phone number, Email, URL, etc) for that contact information.

This data can also be imported into your spreadsheet. The importer recognizes the contact information prefixes you have set and gives you an option to map those fields during your import.

Note: If you delete the prefix in App > Properties > Contacts, it will automatically delete that property from your locations, so please be careful. If you re-order or rename a prefix though, the associated location data does not change.