Adding hours of operations to your locations

You can show hours of operation for each location if you'd like. There are a few ways to set that data:

  • Navigate to Locations > (select a location) > Properties tab on your dashboard.
  • Under Hours, you can either not show hours, link to your predefined hours, or create custom hours.

If you know that a lot of your locations are using the same hours, you can create custom hours of operation:

  • Navigate to Hours on your dashboard.
  • Click "new".
  • Enter your Hours name to create new hours of operation.

  • Click Create.
  • Click on the hours name you just created.
  • Enter the hour details for these custom hours.

  • Click Save.

Once you create your hours of operation, they will be available in the drop-down list under each location's Hours field

Alternatively, you can also set custom hours under each location by selecting "Custom..." from the dropdown

Note: hours are always shown in the timezone of the location they belong to.